Telecom Industry
The Telecom Industry is our area of expertise. And that gives us plenty of work for now and in the future, but only if we do our work successfully. During the last 10 years, multiple projects of implementing mobile services, new OSS/BSS systems, migrating large customer bases and even terminating brands, have provided us with knowledge and experience that we want to share.    
Think, think, think, breath, think.
We enjoy to think along, to think hard and to move step by step to the envisioned goal.
'To envision', to paint the picture of the future, taking in all forces that may impact that future. That is what we like best, and that is what we do best.
For instance, IoT. The Internet of Things makes you dream away to a world with endless new possibilities. Getting your feet back on the ground and materializing your dreams, that makes the dreaming worthwhile. IoT is at the start of its uptake, LoRa networks will push the growth faster. On the chicken and the egg, the technology and the application, the chicken is there and she is about to lay lots of eggs. How can you take advantage of that new technology and what applications can support your business? We really want to think along.
Korone Consultancy enjoys supporting you during your journey from idea to success. Those journeys take us around the world. Over time we have been able to gather local expertise and mix it with the industry knowledge and experience. Please contact us to see how we can put this to use for you.

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