Continuous thinking with focus on telecommunication helped us to build up true expertise in specific areas of the telecom industry. 

Think MVNO

All Mobile Markets around the world have their own pace of getting opened up. Parts of the world have open mobile markets for a long time, others are about to change legislation or intend to do so in the next years. Usually not long after, the authorities allow MVNOs to enter the market as well. In multiple countries around the world, we have supported both the introduction of MVNOs and the migration of existing MVNOs to other platforms. 
Both exercises have their own specific challenges. The former needs lots of creativity getting the proposition, the customer experience and the message defined, as well as to manage the authorities and partners. The latter has its challenges not to loose any customer during the move. Both have to keep close watch on the milestones and financial limits.  


Crucial for any Mobile Service Provider is the level of flexibility of its OSS/BSS; what is configurable, what needs to be programmed. How well are the systems and processes in tune.
To choose the best OSS/BSS systems is a very important task. Your choice will put you on a leash for many years or give you the freedom to beat competition.
Inhouse development, outsourcing or managed services, single supplier or multi vendor, all models have their pro's and cons. New developments in OSS/BSS and the mobile services tehmesleves influence the choices considerably. We can advise you and support the selection process.

Think IoT

M2M (Machine to Machine) is the warm-up for IoT. Many people will not realize what successful but silent march M2M applications have experienced since the start of this century. In almost all cases did it mean that the mobile network using SMS and 3G/4G enabled the remote exchange of data. Nowadays new means of data exchange are entering the M2M market. Although at the beginning, the technique of Long Range, Low Powered WAN boosts the possibilities to add Things onto the Internet. 
Triggering actions on remote devices, receiving data for immediate reaction, any activity requested is at some point defined for repeated execution. User interfaces play an important role when monitoring the execution, and when there is a need to change any of the parameters.
Similar to the existing OSS/BSS systems for M2M, the new IoT WANs need their system controls and user interfaces in place. Especially, now that many more LPWan based IoT applications are getting in range of usergroups,because of the less complex and less expensive technology than Mobile Networks. We can support you designing and deploying your IoT plans.