Market Research, Strategy Deployment, Business Requirements, Customer Journey Description, Migration,...
Each of these activities require a structured thinking process. We can support your thinking process with indepth knowledge of the Telecom Industry and structures to get the best results.  


Mobile Services, MVNO launch, MVNE deployment, OSS/BSS, Billing, Collections, Migration, Apps, and many more implementation projects have been part of the portfolio right from the start. Using the appropriate project management techniques, the project goal will be reached, within time and budget.



With deep knowledge of transmission networks, cloud computing and user interfaces we have developed a set of tools that support any company to use IoT in the true sense of concept: Remote Intelligence - where Intelligence is 'the ability to observe, acquire and apply knowledge', and Remote is 'at a distance'. With new long range / low power transmission technologies at our doorstep, the remoteness of the things will no longer be holding back the use of sensors and actuators in situation where either connectivity or power supply was not available.

Beacon Fields
Korone is taking part in an international initiative for the development of industry sensors and long range communication applications, called Beacon Fields. We would be happy to use the tools we already have developed and the knowledge we have obtained in this project to define your IoT plans.